What is JBL Entertainment


JBL Entertainment offers solutions to create the ideal immersive experience for guests. These solutions can be integrated into virtually any part of your business establishment to produce a unique atmosphere for each room in the space.

Karaoke operators, for instance, rely on JBL Entertainment for customized and scalable systems that meet their needs. The customized solutions enable the creation of themed rooms that make Karaoke experience a truly memorable one that will have customers returning again and again.

From premium-quality speakers, digital processors, and microphones, JBL Entertainment together with products like AKG and Crown offers industry leading solutions for the Entertainment market.

Large Room Speakers
JBL KP series of loudspeakers are designed to work extremely well in large rooms and operate with a companion subwoofer. The KP050 series comprises of 3 full range models, KP051, KP052 and KP055. The full range models utilizes a 1.5” annular polymer D1 type compression driver and 15”, 12” and 10” low frequency woofer respectively. JBL KPS series edition offers 3 full-range models of KPS1, KPS2, and KPS5 ideal for entertainment venues where space and size are the key concerns for the audio system. JBL MTS series offers flexibility with great vocal reproduction and extended low frequency response with 2 full range models of MTS10 and MTS12.
The KP, MTS and KPS Series speakers are designed to be optimally driven by the Crown XLi series of power amplifiers.

Karaoke Room Speakers
JBL MK series loudspeakers are designed to fit perfectly in small rooms and operate without a companion subwoofer. There are three different models in the JBL MK series – MK08, MK10 and MK12 which can accommodate various types of rooms.

As JBL’s first real three-way loudspeaker for KTV boxes and small entertainment venues, MK series is designed to incorporate frontier technology and
ground breaking innovation with its grille finish and elegant enclosure it will fit any interior design. Equipped with JBL’s PSL (Passive Sound Lighting) technology, JBL Entertainment logo illuminates where JBL’s legendary sound becomes visible.

MK Series are designed to be optimally driven by the Crown XLi series of power amplifiers.

Karaoke Processors and Wireless Microphones
Karaoke singers require unique reverb and effects to help untrained singers sound as good as possible. The JBL KX180 dedicated karaoke processor has all the required effects, and digital signal processing (DSP) to configure input microphones, program materials, and setup of any type of speakers.

The AKG KM200 karaoke microphone system can complement singers of any skill level. It has 200 operating channels and a dual power transmission of either 5mW or 10mW to help prevent interference from room to room.

An Integrated Audio Solution

Speaker Level




Thein Duong King Club in Vietnam

The Thien Duong King Club, located in the Quang Tri province on the North Central Coast of Vietnam , features eight with nearly 500 square meters of remarkable entertainment options including an elegant, high-end café, 20 VIP karaoke rooms and an impressive live music bar that can accommodate up to 400 guests. By investing in a comprehensive, end-to-end audio solution from HARMAN Professional Solutions, the club’s owners were able to build the premier live music, DJ party and luxury event venue for central Vietnam.

Future Theme KTV in Kunming City, China

Fuyi Hotel in Zhongshan City, China


Shanghai’s first PARTY SHOW KTV sits on the 4th floor of the Wujiaochang Hopson Shopping Center at the Yangpu District and accommodates 40 KTV rooms, a slow-rock bar and a recording studio. For the audio system, JBL KP and Ki Series loudspeakers are utilized, powered by CROWN T Series amplifiers.

JBL KP6012  2 pieces
JBL KP6010  6 pieces
JBL KP4012  2 pieces
JBL KP18S    1 piece
JBL Ki08  28 pairs
JBL Ki81   29 pairs
JBL Ki82   10 pairs
CROWN T3   39 pieces
CROWN T5   30 pieces
CROWN T7   2 pieces

M’OK KTV (Xi’an, PRC)

S. MUSE opens its M’OK KTV Xi’an location at the city’s Han Shin Department Store and entertains the 3000-year old ancient capital with modern art and music. Each and every KTV box of M’OK is a result of thoughtful and fashionable design and is ready to embrace the local youth with 5-start hotel grade service. JBL KP Series speakers and CROWN XLi Series amplifiers are adopted in a hope to bring incredible music and karaoke experience to local KTV goers.

JBL KP6012   22 pieces
JBL KP6010   56 pieces
CROWN XLi2500   38pieces

LEVELS (Guangzhou, PRC)

LEVELS by Energy Group takes the 5th floor of the Winter Wing of G.T. Land Plaza in Guangzhou. Each meticulously-designed detail shows LEVELS’ commitment to being unique and thoughtful towards its customers. LEVELS decorates its acoustic environment by using CROWN XLi Series amplifiers, JBL KP Series speakers.

JBL KP6015   82 pieces
JBL KP6012   20 pieces
JBL KP2012   8 pieces
CROWN XLi3500   21 pieces
CROWN XLi3000   10 pieces
CROWN XLi2500   4 pieces

BLUE PARTY (Guangzhou, PRC)

Blue Party is another spacious KTV outlet open for business in Guangzhou recently. Sitting along the Airport Road of Baiyun District, covering 30,000 sqm and accommodating over 300 KTV boxes, Blue Party makes itself one of the largest KTV outlets in Asia. To cover the whole space, JBL KP Series, JBL Control and CSS Series speakers are utilized, powered by CROWN XLi Series amplifier.

JBL KP6015  64 pieces
JBL KP6012  182 pieces
JBL KP6010  230 pieces
JBL KP2012   36 pieces
JBL KP2010   72 pieces
JBL Control HST    14 pieces
JBL CSS-8006BM  175 pieces
CROWN XLi3500   46 pieces
CROWN XLi3000   60 pieces
CROWN XLi2500   171 pieces